DJ Alchemi Ltd's use of personal data is governed by its registration under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

If you use this site to send personal information, such as your email address, neither David Jennings nor any other agent of DJ Alchemi Ltd will sell your details to anyone, or give your details to any third party without your agreement.

As part of the hosting of this web site, the supplier provides access to usage statistics, which include IP addresses of visitors, as well as browser type and domain names — where these can be determined — and other aggregate data related to traffic volumes for different parts of the site. David Jennings uses these to montitor trends in usage of the web site. No personal data are involved in this.

Email list and associated form

The home page and several other pages on this web site contain a form where visitors can receive fortnightly emails about new postings on the site. If visitors submit data via this form, the following details are recorded:

  • email address, including domain;
  • name (if provided);
  • date and time joined;
  • subscription type (whether confirmed or not, or 'held' if email address is bouncing);
  • date unsubscribed (if applicable; data for unsubscribed people is 'purged' after 35 days);
  • number of times an email message has bounced from the address within a recent period;
  • a unique subscriber id.

This data is held on a secure server owned and managed by W2 Networking Ltd. Their policy for protecting subscriber data is described in their terms and conditions for the service (a link to these terms is included in each message sent via the email list).

Web site comments

Most articles, or 'postings', provide a form for anyone to make comments on an article. If visitors submit comments via this form, the following details are recorded:

  • IP address of the computer used for making the comments;
  • name (as provided);
  • email address (if provided);
  • web site URL (if provided);
  • comments made.

The following details are published on the site:

  • comments made;
  • name, with the name including a hyperlink to the web site URL provided (if any), or, if no URL, to the email address provided (if any).

Furthermore, if the visitors clicks 'Remember personal info' when submitting a comment, this will set a 'cookie' on their browser software, so the same details will be entered automatically if the same browser is used to make a comment on the same site at a later date. Cookie data is not used for any other purpose.

Other cookies

When loading the home page of the web site, one cookie may be set in your browser from This records session data only, and is not seen or processed by human eye.

Because the home page currently has some syndicated bookmarks from the Furl site, another cookie from may also be set. This is not accessible to David Jennings or DJ Alchemi Ltd and is covered by Furl's privacy policy.

Contact messages

The contact page of this web site contains a form where visitors can send a message to David Jennings. If visitors submit data via this form, the following details are recorded:

  • email address, including domain;
  • name (if provided);
  • web site URL (if provided);
  • message submitted;
  • date and time of submission.

These details are not published anywhere (unless permission is given my the person submitting the message), and are covered by the general principles listed above.