Comments: How to teach art: notes from RSA lecture

Interestingly, Brian Eno doesn't mention the art school he attended after Ipswich- Winchester which was more hypercaust-warmed than Ascot boilerhoused. He seemed well pleased that as a visiting examiner he (and the other grumpy old examining people), were rather heroic in awarding a first to a student who produced little actual stuff.
This reminded me of Brian's own very chancey Dip. show which, as I remember it, also contained very little stuff. (He really did miss something by not pursuing his early interest in Mondrian). Needless to say, the wise and grumpy old examiners at Winchester, suspecting that this hyper-active, hyper-ego'd and hyper-opinionated student might just be the one 'to make it big', passed his activities, I suspect, to avoid having egg on their faces in the future. I don't think they really had any assessment criteria or outcome factors to weigh things against. On the other hand, they may actually have rated his bits......

Posted by randolph flood at March 25, 2005 6:09 PM
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