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Sorry you missed my work on this;
HEre is an outline of Emergent Learning;
This is how we developed it on#mosialong Aggregate then Curate;
Whilst Emergent Learning might be an oxymoron as learning is emergent, education systems do NOT design for emergence but for hierarchy. So any learning design needs to be allowing emergence to be a necessary condition within it, but this is mostly ignored. So designing for emergent learning is not an oxymoron it is a key task in making the future

Posted by fred garnett at January 25, 2012 9:33 AM

Thanks, Fred, I read your blog post on Emergent Learning and included it in my draft notes for this post. Too often in the past my posts here have tended to sprawl off in all directions, becoming a kind of dump of everything that seems connected in my mind. I thought, just for a change, I'd try and stick to one point. As I didn't feel your post spoke directly to the individual/collective point I'm exploring above (though I'm sure it does implicitly), I didn't reference it this time. I am however really interested in what you have to say about designing for emergence. If I write about that, I'll definitely engage with what you have to say about this. Thanks for the MosiAlong links!

Posted by David Jennings at January 25, 2012 10:21 AM
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