14 August 02003

North West E-learning Strategy

Working with Seb Schmoller and David Kay of FD Learning, I was commissioned to research and prepare a strategy and action plan for e-learning for the North West of England. This strategy was signed off this week.

We articulated a range of possible interventions, mainly targeted at the public agencies involved in learning, which we mapped into a holistic framework that combines, on one dimension, the facets of e-learning capacity:

  • infrastructure
  • content and services
  • human and organisational development

while on the other dimension were the economic and social goals of the region:

  • social inclusion (tackling digital divide, rural access etc)
  • economic growth (exploiting R&D, growing knowledge-intensive industries)
  • regional integration.

Our client for this work was North West Node, part of the North West Regional Assembly.

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