18 January 02004

Intermission for genre compliance

This is a 'blog' site, right? At least, it runs on software designed to support blogs. And that brings with it certain 'genre' expectations. Like: you're supposed to provide links to off-the-wall sites that you're friends haven't found yet, and make comments on them that walk a thin line between ephemera and profundity.

Unfortunately this doesn't really play to my, err, strengths, or, by and large, my interests. But Dick Moore has been kind enough to use the suggest a link feature to recommend the nobodyhere.com site. I add my comments to Dick's: "No doubt you have seen this" (I hadn't) "it won an award on the weebies last year" (the what?) "I loved it" (I trust Dick's taste) "but is it art ;-)" (I am feeling less secure about my own).

As dessert, let me also throw in the Read My Lips link, with a special recommendation for the Bush/Blair love duet. No doubt you already know this, but Lawrence Lessig uses this clip to illustrate his case for encouraging the 'remix culture' — by avoiding excessive protection from re-purposing of cultural material. Normal service will now resume.

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