30 June 02003

Imaginary Evidence by Forced Entertainment

Imaginary Evidence, the Forced Entertainment CD-ROM to which I contributed, is now pretty much complete, and should be available soon. Contact Forced Entertainment direct for more details.

Here's a brief description by artistic director Tim Etchells:

Imaginary Evidence is an interactive essay-come-archive that circles around the work and working process of the Sheffield based performance ensemble Forced Entertainment. Formed in 1984 the group, comprising six artists has a considerable international reputation for excellent performances, provocation and innovation and has produced projects in theatre, installation, publication, video and new media. Imaginary Evidence layers documentary footage, fiction, home-movies, sound, show-clips, anecdote, theory, interviews and text by Tim Etchells and the company to create a unique interactive exploration of the group's work, its methods and its pre-occupations.
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