19 October 02003

John Cage Uncaged - January 2004

I picked up details of this major three-day weekend festival of Cage-related events around the Barbican.

Over ten concerts (some of them free), four feature-length films — plus a 3'50" film version of Wagner's Ring Cycle — and a string of talks. As well as Cage, there are performances of pieces by Satie, Varèse, LaMonte Young and Morton Feldman. Performers include Rolf Hind and Joanna MacGregor.

In 2001 I attended another three-day Cage festival in Sheffield, organised by Philip Thomas, which was equally ambitious in its own way. Weekend passes then were £12, whereas similar tickets for January's festival cost £95. But I've got an appetite for it now, and I'm hoping my Barbican Card can get me 20% off (and thus more than pay for itself in one transaction)!

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