16 August 02004

Web site charts

It's a year since I started running this site. I don't think there was a clear-cut launch date, but 15 August sticks in my mind as the first time I started posting in 'real time' (postings with dates earlier than that were added retrospectively to pad out the site in the early days).

Here are some notes on the most popular resources and searches.

In terms of category pages, e-learning section is, perhaps unsurprisingly, most popular, but closely followed by the 'About' information and then the music & multimedia section.

Bizarrely, the most requested individual resource is one of the one-minute amateur recordings I made and referred to in a posting on my sonic art course. It's linked from one or two strange pages (such as this one), but that doesn't seem sufficient to explain it.

Downloads of my pdf CV are also among the top 10 individual files, but concentrating only on HTML files, the Top 10 runs (showing the full months for which the postings have been available in brackets):

  1. David Byrne and the (bogus) PowerPoint art debate (4 months)
  2. How boring is the e-learning market? (7 months)
  3. Tate E-learning — a quick critique (11 months)
  4. Werner Herzog Quotes (10 months)
  5. Digital cinema and changing film aesthetics (8 months)
  6. Reasons to live in England (11 months, I suspect the title of this misleads many searchers!)
  7. Why online radio is the model for listening to music in the future (5 months)
  8. Cybersonica 2003 Symposium review (12 months)
  9. Notes and resources on digital cinema (6 months)
  10. Making and Listening to Music in the Future (10 months)

Then there are the most popular search terms and words that have led people to pages on this site. The search-term charts are more erratic, because they inevitably over-represent names/proper nouns. Using 'herzog quotes' as a search term is a fairly effective and finely tuned means of finding quotes by Werner Herzog, whereas using 'music technology', say, will get results that you have to refine further to find what you are really looking for. With that preface — plus an apology to anyone who from now on may arrive at this page when using the terms below! — here's the Top 10 terms for the year:

  1. september 10 coupland / september 10 douglas coupland /douglas coupland september 10
  2. werner herzog quotes / herzog quotes
  3. david byrne powerpoint
  4. david jennings
  5. e learning market
  6. digital film distribution
  7. film aesthetics
  8. neil young archives
  9. digital versus analogue
  10. alchemi

The Top 10 search words, excluding 'of', 'e', 'the', 'in' and 'to', are:

  1. learning
  2. dj
  3. david
  4. music
  5. digital
  6. herzog
  7. film
  8. young
  9. powerpoint
  10. neil
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