25 August 02005

Second year web site charts

August is the 'silly season' for news and also the anniversary of this site launching in earnest. Last year I posted some 'charts' for the most accessed pages and the most common search terms that led people to this site. Here is the hit parade for this year (based on statistics from the last six months).

In terms of category pages, the music & multimedia section has overtaken the e-learning section, reflecting the greater coverage I've given to music-related items in the last year.

The top fifteen postings are, in descending order (with the length of time since they were first published in brackets, plus the placing in last year's chart, if any):

  1. David Byrne and the (bogus) PowerPoint art debate (16 months, last year No.1)
  2. BBC Interactive Media Player: news and review (12 months)
  3. What does On-Demand Media really mean? (5 months)
  4. Playlist sharing services: a comparative review (2 months)
  5. Tate E-learning — a quick critique (23 months, last year No.3)
  6. Latest on the BBC Creative Archive (8 months)
  7. Musical youth and middle-age spread (7 months)
  8. iPods, podcasting and learning (9 months)
  9. Werner Herzog Quotes (22 months, last year No.4)
  10. The job I'm aiming for (12 months)
  11. Podcasting: another harbinger of martini media (10 months)
  12. Creative Archive launches licence; where's the pilot? (4 months)
  13. BBC 6 Music as a learning resource (13 months)
  14. How boring is the e-learning market? (19 months, last year No.2)
  15. Researching how communities share music via iTunes (4 months)

Note that, although some of these pages have been around much longer, the chart rankings are based only on hits in the last six months.

The other chart is the most popular search terms that have led people to pages on this site. Predictably there's considerable correlation between this chart and the one above (last year's position in brackets):

  1. bbc interactive media player / interactive media player / bbc's interactive media player / bbc interactive (-)
  2. david byrne powerpoint (2)
  3. werner herzog quotes / herzog quotes (3)
  4. celebrity playlists / celebrity playlist (-)
  5. david jennings (4)
  6. old singers (-)
  7. film aesthetics (7)
  8. powerpoint art (-)
  9. e learning article (-)
  10. e learning market (5)
  11. music podcasts (-)
  12. bbc radio archives (-)
  13. neil young archives (8)
  14. what's on my ipod (-)
  15. digital film distribution (6)
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